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Frappe Vino Slush Mix

Tart Candles

Tart candles are warmed (melted) in a tart burner and they will scent your entire home. Tart candles are sometimes referred to as wax melts, wax candle tarts, scent chips, candle melts, candle tarts, wax tarts, wax potpourri melts, among other creative names. Basically it is scented wax and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our tart candles are for our most discerning customers who want the very best, decadent aroma.

Tart candles get heated, melt, and fill the room with your favorite aroma. The wax does not burn away because there is no wick. When the aroma is gone, it’s time to add more - toss out the old wax and add more. Mix and match scents to create your own unique blend!

$12.00 per Dozen ($1.00 each)


Frog Tart Candle

This cute little froggy wants to hop his way into your heart! He can toad-ally be used with your favorite tart burner.

$9.00 for 6 ($1.50 each)


Fish Tart Candle

What a great catch for the fisherman in your life!
Order them in your favorite scent and you'll be hooked on these tarts!

$7.50 for 6 ($1.25 each)


Flip-Flop or Feet Tart Candles

These flip-flop tarts will practically walk themselves into your favorite tart burner!

$9 for 6 (3 Pairs - $1.50 each)


Brownie Tart Candle

You'll drool over these yummy looking brownie tarts!
Choose your favorite scent - it's calorie free!

$7.50 for 6 ($1.25 each)


Motorcycle Tart Candle

Anyone that enjoys riding motorcyles will love these unique 5 ounce tarts.
For the rebel in all of us.

$8.00 Each


Keg & Wine Bottle Tart Candle

Get this keg and wine bottle tart set in your favorite wine scent, such as Cabernet, Martha's Vineyard, Merlot, Vineyard Trio or Wine.

$4.00 Per Set


Angel Tart Candle

You'll think you're in heaven with these sweet looking cherub tarts.

$12 for 6 ($2.00 Each)


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