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Frappe Vino Slush Mix

About Diane's House of Candles

Here at Diane's House of Candles, we have been developing our superior candles for over 12 years. We use only the finest pure fragrance oils for our handmade candles. The scent is distributed throughout the entire candle, so you can enjoy your favorite scent from start to finish with no wasted wax! Our candles not only burn cleaner, but they burn longer! Our handmade candles have some of the longest burn times around!

Whether you enjoy mouth watering scents like Banana Nut Bread or florals such as Orchid Breeze, our candles are very true to their namesakes! Our candles will fill the room with their wonderful fragrance, without being overpowering or too strong.

With over twelve years of unsurpassed quality and customer satisfaction, Diane's House of Candles offers the finest quality handmade candles that you will enjoy time and time again. If you don't see your favorite scent listed, just ask! We can custom blend scents for you at no extra charge! Once you experience what our years of passion and dedication have developed, you will see why our customers are customers for life!

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