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Frappe Vino Slush Mix

Here at Diane's House of Candles, our handmade candles are crafted with my unique blend of wax, rich colors and the finest fragrance oils.

Our candles are poured fresh when you order them, with the scent distributed throughout the entire candle. This allows for the fragrance to last for the entire burn of the candle, unlike typical store bought candles.

Our candles will not only smell incredible, but they burn clean. This means there is virtually no wasted wax!

We have been offering our high quality candles online for almost 10 years. Diane's House of Candles offers outstanding customer service that matches the quality of our candles. We take pride in our workmanship and have strived to be your favorite candle company!

Wine lovers and romantics will delight in the rich color and aroma of our wine glass candles. Each candle features a real wine glass filled with your favorite wine scent.

Choose from our favorite wine scents:

• Burgundy
• Cabernet
• Concord Grape
• Martha's Vineyard
• Merlot
• Niagara Wine
• Riesling Wine
• Wine
• Wine by Candlelight
• Wine Cooler

Football fans go crazy over our football glass candles!

Each candle is made with your favorite team's colors.

Since our candles burn clean, you will have a 23 ounce football shaped glass to hold your favorite frosty beverage when the candle is done burning!

We also carry a mini 4 ounce football candle. Perfect for give-a-ways or decorating for your football party!

Diane's House of Candles is the #1 destination for luxury scented candles in the world. Whether you are a candle lover, candle freak or candle addict, we have everything you will ever need.

Browse our huge online catalog of quality scented votive candles, scented jar candles, tart candles and scented novelty candles.

Our variety of scented tart candles range from our mouth watering banana nut bread to a gentle fresh baby powder scent.

Our tart candles are designed to last for at least two weeks if you are burning them daily! That's a steal for the price!

Tarts are melted in a tart warmer using tealight candles, which gives you a slow long lasting scent throw.

Mix and match different tarts for your own unique scent!

Our jelly jar candles are our biggest seller!

Only the finest oils and wax fill our charming country mason jars.

These candles are hand poured and highly scented, giving you a long, clean burn and maximum scent throw.

As with all of our products, these jar candles are made fresh when you order them, so they're not stale on the shelf like most candles.

They burn for over 40+ long hours!

Our customers receive a clean burning candle, a votive that will scent an entire room!

These highly scented votive candles will liquify and burn completely away when burned in a proper “tight-fitting” votive cup.

They burn for over 15+ hours!


We are quickly growing and will soon have the largest collection of votive candles, jar candles, tart candles and wine candles online! Browse the large selection of scents to the left to begin your candle shopping!


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